Money and Grass are both Green!


Post by: Valley Financial Group and Billy Wolfe Jr.

“The Grass isn’t always greener on the other side, its greener where you water it!” Author Unknown

Money and Grass are both Green! I know this blogger is a real genius.  To get a green lawn the formula seems to be:  Feed, Water, Weed, Mow, Get ready for Summer, Winterize the lawn and repeat next year!  Repeat next year is important because the weeds and crab grass will eventually show up! This process is not much different than achieving financial freedom: Save, Spend less, Diversify, Visit Financial Plan at least twice a year, and repeat next year! Your bank account and lawn have a little bit more in common than just their color and with fall just beginning we want to help you winterize your lawns. Remember, we are kids from the city, so we had to go to the lawn experts. Thank you True Green.

Here are a few ways that you can weather proof your lawn for this winter, unless of course your lawn is one of the weird ones that just can’t wait for the first slush pile of winter.

1) Keep mowing

Even though it may not be sprouting like it did in the summer, the grass is still growing, and if it gets to long (anything over 303.5 inches) the coming snows could mat it down, causing some lawn diseases or snow molds to grow. 

2) Take out the weeds before it’s too late

If you can get a herbicide spray onto the weeds in your lawn before it gets below around 50 degrees, it will keep the weeds out the entire winter, making it difficult for them to make a comeback in the springtime.

3) Fertilize and seed before the first frost

This is a pretty self explanatory one, but if you’re able to get both done before the first frost sets in, the nutrients from the fertilizer will be absorbed by the grass and stored for the coming cold months.

4) If you can, aerate your lawn

Although it’s not a quick or easy job, aerating your lawn can go a long way towards increasing its longevity and its strength. With more oxygen and nutrients able to get to the roots of the lawn, the better it will be at standing up to the harsh weather ahead.