Super Bowl

Posted by Valley Financial Group & Billy Wolfe Jr

Another football season has come and gone, well at least for the Philadelphia Eagles. Despite never winning a super bowl, it’s amazing to me that people really aren’t fond of us.  They will bring up the Santa Clause incident, Jimmy Johnson being pelted by snowballs (like he didn’t deserve it) and the prison at the Vet. They use words like rude, obnoxious, cave men, and animals to describe us, but I wonder how the Giants, Cowboy, Steelers and Patriots Fans would act if they never got to hold the Vince Lombardi Trophy.  One could envision, the Cowboys and Steelers relocating there franchises to LA. The Giants Fans would act like LA Fans and the Pats Fans would act like Red Sox Fans after Roger Clemmons left them for the hated Yankees.  Other things I wonder about; what if I was born in a different time or era, well that doesn’t work because the Birds never won a Super Bowl, please don’t mention the 1960 Championship.  It’s a loser conversation, we are talking Super Bowls.  Then I wonder what if I grew up in another place.  That thought process doesn’t work for me either.  I would never want to be a Giants or Cowboys Fan, just the thought gives me the stomach bug that just ran rampant through my house and imagine living in Pittsburgh!

 Believe it or not, it brings me to planning for retirement, yes financial planning. Sometimes you can do everything right:  save, diversify, budget and evaluate but it may just not work and look the way you had envisioned at that moment in time. However in the long run, according to Vanguard  working with a financial planner can bring value in controlling your behaviors and ultimately help you pursue your desired outcomes. So at the end of the day, having a plan and sticking to that plan can lead to success.  For this city, our plan for a parade down Broad Street rest on the shoulder of a kid from North Dakota. Be safe on Super Bowl Sunday.