By Valley Financial Group and Billy Wolfe Jr.

We've all had a whole day wasted and ruined because we had too good a time the night before (some of us much more often than others). When we hear the word hangover almost everyone's minds jump straight to long nights of drinking. Some of us will recall good memories, some not so good, and for the vast majority, no memories at all. But it’s not just alcohol that can leave our heads pounding and our bodies refusing to leave bed. Sometimes we can feel hungover from a long day of work, or even at the completion of a group project or presentation that has been coming together for weeks. Sometimes excess stress from any number of factors can leave us feeling a bit ill when we go to start our day. Whatever the cause, the one thing every hangover has in common is that it needs to go.

1.      Alcohol Hangover: Drink water to re-hydrate, eat starchy foods because they are easy to digest and can raise blood sugar levels, take a multi vitamin to replace ones that you lost the night before and get some much needed rest.


2.      Stress Hangover: Get a massage this can relax muscles and reduce stress and anxiety, exercise will help release endorphins which can lower your stress level and increase your energy. Speaking with friends or family about what is troubling you can be helpful. Take a mental break and listen to music, work on a craft project or hobby.


3.      Market Hangover: Communication is key call your financial advisor to discuss your concerns, review your portfolio and revisit your plan of actions.

You can't let a hangover shut you down for the day.