Happy Mother's Day

Post by Valley Financial Group

"All that I am or I hope to be I owe to my Mother!" Ben Franklin.

These words are so true for so many of us. At Valley Financial Group, we work in an industry of advising & planning to help people with their financial world. Do you ever think what is the best planning & advising industry? We think it is the MOM INDUSTRY? Actually, we think it is a blowout! For most us that are lucky enough to have a mom you know that from the moment you came into this world, she planned everything for you. She planned your day, your meals, what you wore (for most us that was not good) your actives and if your mom is like mine, she is still involved in planning some aspects of your life like the holidays or vacations.

 Also, Moms are the best advisors. They would & do advise you to use your manners, eat your vegetables and work hard and if you didn't take their advice it can & could be a painful experience. What's the most important thing about the plans and advice mom's give us is that it is made with 100% of love and for our best interest.

For most us, we do owe everything to our mom and for those who need some ideas what to get your mom for Mother’s Day. There is a little list below to help.

Happy Mother’s Day from Valley Financial Group!

1. Personalized mug with pictures of children or grandchildren


2. Kindle

3. Yoga Gift Card

4. Birch Box Gift Set-


5. Mothers Day Apple Blossom-


6. Spa Certificate

7. Polaroid Snap


8. Tom Slip Ons


9. Apple Tile


10. Lunch with you