Go Fishing

Post by: Valley Financial Group

"Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after." –Henry David Thoreau

Market is at an all-time high! Real estate booming! Political Turmoil! Noise everywhere! Clients asking what should I do?

Our answers this summer:

1. Create a financial plan if you don't have one already.

2. Review the your financial plan 2 to 4 times a year

3. Go Fishing

Yes, go fishing! The benefits from fishing could possibly improve your financial behavior and success. Whether you are a hard fanatic or a casual first timer, it seems like almost everyone has gone fishing once or twice in their lives. Some people live for the thrill of the catch and others can't stand to sit still long enough to make any progress. Whatever your opinion and skill level, it’s nearly impossible to deny the benefits of taking a few hours to sit with some good people and not worry about a thing (market pull backs, real estate bubbles, World War 3) except whether that tug was a bite or another huge clump of seaweed.

The world being as connected as it is now leaves us with almost no time away from the constant rush and noise of modern life. Fishing can be the escape that we need all of our absurdly busy schedules. It can be the opportunity to turn off our phones and computers and forget everything exists besides you and whoever's on that dock or boat with you.

I'm not personally the biggest fisherman in the universe, but some of my favorite days have been spent by the bay or in the ocean fishing with family and friends with my worries, stress, and, perhaps most importantly, my phone all left at home. It’s summer, the season when the best memories are made with the people who matter most. So grab a pole and find some water. Grab some snacks and drinks. But most importantly, grab some people you'll love doing nothing with, waste a few hours praying for a bite, and don't forget to leave that phone in the car & CNBC turned off. Your financial statements will probably benefit from it!