First Day of Fall


Post by Valley Financial and Billy Wolfe Jr.

No matter how much we try to cling to these last few Summer days, the inevitability of Fall is beginning to set. The leaves will turn, the temperature will drop, and anything that can be pumpkin spice flavored will be pumpkin spiced flavored. For some, the long wait for their favorite time of year is over, while for others the wait for the dog days of summer begins again. Whatever your feelings, you might as well try to make the most of the next several months. There's plenty to do in the tri-state area when the leaves start to follow. These are some of the best spots to hit in no particular order.

1. On October 7th, the Midtown Village Fall Festival has it all. Food, sales and music turns the area into a block party on steroids and is can't miss good time for the whole family.

2. On October 14, Blocktober will bring the Amsterdam to South Street with a day filled with family fun, food, games and, of course, beer. It's just another option for great fun for everyone in the area this fall.

3. On October 28th, the city of Philadelphia will be having its second annual free streets day. Seven miles of roads will be blocked off to all vehicles. Leaving the roads free to explore for pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders etc. Walking through the city without cars, whether you're new in town or a Philly native, is a great experience for all to enjoy.

4.  For fans of something a little scarier, the greater Philly area has haunted houses and corn mazes to satisfy any horror connoisseur. From famous haunts like the Pennhurst Asylum to local haunted house all over the area, there's plenty of options to get your scare on this fall.

No matter what you do with your fall this year, whether you're at every big event or none of them, the time spent with your friends and family will be the best part of the next few months. Sure, summers not over yet, but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead just a little bit.