The Modern 12 Days of Christmas


Posted by Valley Financial Group & Billy Wolfe Jr.

The Christmas season is upon us, and whether you like it or not, you're bound to catch a snippet of a carol anytime you cycle through the radio stations. Among favorites such as Rudolph and Jingle Bells lies perhaps the most famous Christmas song, the 12 Days of Christmas. The song was written sometime in the 16th or 17th centuries. It originally only contained lyrics, with the musical accompaniment being added later by another composer. Its meaning is also disputed by many. Some argue that the song was written by closet Catholics in Protestant England, with the true love being a symbol for Christ and each gift representing a gift that God had given His people. Others defend that is based off a children’s memory game, and that it was originally written in France before being translated at a later date. Still others maintain that the 12 days symbolize the 12 days in between Christmas and the eve of the Epiphany, which is the feast of the magi's visit to see the newborn Christ. No matter the true meaning, there is no denying that this timeless song is a staple of Christmas tradition, even as the lyrics remain the same. Here we will alter the 12 Days of Christmas to fit the modern holiday season, and list the 12 days of Christmas gifts for your family.

12 strings of lights

11 packs of underwear

10 cups of eggnog

9 Starbucks Gift Cards

8 ugly sweaters

7 sheets of cookies

6 family pictures

5 Xbox games

4 screaming kids

3 laptops

2 Nike sneakers

And 1 decorated Christmas Tree

Have a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season this year from everyone at Valley Financial.