Vacation sneakers needed after the election....

Posted by Valley Financial Group and Billy Wolfe Jr.

When you've been working hard, and your feet are feeling sore from wearing those working shoes so much, there's absolutely nothing better than slipping into some vacation sneakers with the whole family for a couple days. Now there's only one thing left to decide. Where should you go?

While any vacation destination will provide fun and relaxation for the whole family, there's only one place to go for magical memories that your spouse and children won't be able to forget. Walt Disney World in Orlando has everything you could ever want out of a a vacation, from great dining and hotel options, to the world famous theme parks, rides and roller coasters that we all know and love. So now that you've got on your Mickey Mouse shoes and maybe some ears as well, its time to look at the ten things you should do down in Disney, in no particular order.

1) See a parade in the Magic Kingdom

Most evenings at the Magic Kingdom will be capped off with a parade, and after a day of running from ride to ride and hitting all the shops along Main Street, it'll be nice to relax and watch a show from a single, stationary spot, assuming your kids stay still.

2) Get a picture with your kid's favorite character

If you're able to hunt them down, and your child isn't deathly afraid of the character they adore on screen, the opportunity to meet their favorite princess or mouse is one they will never forget. Also, if you mail a note to the character in advance of your trip to 

Walt Disney World Communications

P.O. Box 10040

Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040

you will receive an autographed photo in the mail, a keep-safe your child will always treasure.

3) Ride Space Mountain

It is perhaps the most iconic ride in all of Disney World, and even if your kids are to young to ride, it may be worth it to leave your spouse with the kids for a little while you go on. I mean, when's the next time you'll be in Disney, right?

4) Eat with the characters

Many restaurants throughout Disney World are abundant with atmosphere, but places like Chef Mickey's and Cinderella's Royal Table have characters walking from table to table greeting customers. It will be a meal the whole family will enjoy and remember, just be sure to make some reservations well in advance.

5) Take a ride on the Monorail

Not only is it one of the easiest ways to get from hotel to theme park and vice versa, but it also gives some of the best views available at the whole resort.

6) Ride TestTrack

Its one of the newer rides in Epcot, but it is one the fastest rides at Disney, and if your kids are old enough, it definitely should be a destination on your trip. 

7) Ride Soarin'

Another Epcot ride that is one of the best experiences in the park. The virtual reality ride will make you feel like you're actually flying, which of course isn't for everybody. Just ask my little cousin Grace who specifically asked to "not do that again" after getting off the ride.

8) Take a Kilimanjaro Safari

These safaris are one of the hottest attraction in Animal Kingdom. With 22 minute tours on open sided buses, you'll feel like your an actual African safari when you see the live elephants, giraffes, hippos and lions.

9) Eat dinner at the Wilderness Lodge

Even if your not staying at this hotel, the awesome log cabin theme, as well the geyser that shoots water 120 feet in the air provides more than enough incentive to have a meal at the Whispering Canyon Cafe, who waitstaff's humorous antics and delicious family friendly food leave no excuse to take make your way to the Wilderness Lodge during your stay.

10) See some fireworks

All four parks have fireworks displays in a nearly nightly basis. Just make sure to know the schedule and prepare for an amazing fireworks display. The fireworks will be a phenomenal, but you'll never forget the looks on your family member's faces, and that'll make it all worth it when your time is up and its time to slip back into those work shoes.